About Zuperly

The most powerful platform for learners to organize, collaborate and analyse all their learning.

Zuperly is the first Learning as a Service(LaaS) that provides the most powerful tools to learn, record, and store for lifelong learners 11x more effectively.
We are a (Hyderabad+Bengaluru)- based high growth Ed-Tech startup, in the LaaS space. We are building an end to end lifelong learning platform that aids learners in every stage of their learning journey.


Full-time Job Roles

Dedicated primary roles with cool office work life. Join us to prove the very definition of "dream workspace".
πŸ’»Software Development Engineer- 3πŸ’ΎSoftware Development Engineer- 2⌨️UI/UX DesignerπŸ“™Head of Content Management


Embrace the mistakes you make as an intern and the many things that you won’t know. Ask questions, observe, and take risks to get the most out of your internship training experience.
🌘Marketing AnalystπŸ•―οΈBackend EngineerπŸ₯Content WriterπŸ–ΌοΈGraphic DesignerπŸ—“οΈCommunity Manager

πŸš€ Why join Zuperly

We're assembling a global team of wonderful, diverse people to create a product with real impact.
  1. The most classy and flexible work experience that not only satisfies your professional expectations but also instills relevant skills and experience with managing teams and getting things done!
  1. Zuperly is aiming to build a global workspace culture where there is no "work" but "your contribution".
  1. We value skills, passion, drive and communication. Cool brainstorming sessions, brainstorming calls and a lively work environment! Well, experience it yourself.

Curious to learn more about Zuperly?

πŸ‘‹ The team

A team of lifelong learners and product leaders determined to make things right. We have the best and we plan on scaling up the team with the best!
The team includes founding engineers from Swiggy, software developers from University of Florida and top tier Indian institutes like NIT Nagpur, NIT Warangal, IIIT Allahabad and IIIT Chennai. What aligns the team-
  • Dedication towards the work role
  • Zero tolerance towards mediocre work
  • Motivated by challenges and problems

🎈The next steps

Zuperly is governed by two questions- how big and how fast? That is, how big do we want this idea to become, and how fast do we want get there?
We feel that the first two stages – founder-market fit and problem-value fit should be achieved without the need of external funding. Once the problem is identified(and the beta product is out) along with a probable solution, we shall and will approach institutional investors to build the product team, and validate the product-solution fit with initial set of customers. Highlight- We are receiving a lot of inbound investor interest and we are in talking stages with them. We will close the deal once the timing works well for us and investors.
View our public roadmap here β†’ 🎲Product Roadmap

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