Head of Content Management

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Content

  1. Leadership: The primary role of the Head of Content is the development and optimization of the content department. In this role, the Head of Content ensures that all the business’s narratives and message are in support of the content strategies and editorial decisions that they formulate along with the Director of Communications, Chief Marketing Officer, and key stakeholders.
  1. They also oversee the development and management of the business’s brand standards and content style guides, as well as the overall expression of the business’s corporate identity in the content it puts out.
  1. At this capacity, the Head of Content will also lead and inspire the development of first-class content by the content department personnel along with other production means inclusive of videos, infographics, blogs, and data visualization in order to ensure optimal delivery of content to target audiences across multiple channels.
  1. The Head of Content also acts as a mentor to key content department personnel, ensuring a steady, gradual improvement in their professional skills and gearing them up for the occupation of his position in future.


  1. The Head of Content enables structured content creation capabilities through the implementation of models and processes for sourcing information, analyzing, and creating content.
  1. Media/Social Media: The Head of Content oversees all the content put out by the business to the media through, direct mail, email, interviews, collateral, speeches, recorded messages, newsletters and so forth.
  1. The Head of Content also manages and oversees all of the business’s social media channels in regard to content, promotion, consumer engagement, customer service, performance management, and listings. They also expand and oversees the social media development tools and processes in order to facilitate actionable insights that inform strategic decision-making for the business’s social media presence and content.
  1. Collaboration: The Head of Content also plays a collaborative role by partnering up with the marketing team to support marketing activities such as product branding, content, and messages. The Head of Content will also partner with the sales team for the purpose of developing sales content and the identification of target consumers and potential markets.
Other Duties: The Head of Content will also perform other duties as are necessary for the effective execution of their duties and other duties as directed by the Director of Communications or the Employer.


Introductory Task

🏏Content Head Task


CTC → ₹6,00,000 – ₹10,00,000 (Six to Ten Lakhs)

How to Apply